Yogi Government Is Bringing New Rules for Keeping Dogs, Lucknow Municipal Corporation Is About to Bring New Rules

Lucknow: Concerned over the increasing number of dog attacks in various parts of the Uttar Pradesh, the Lucknow Municipal Corporation is planning to ban keeping more than two pet dogs in a house. Along with this, there is a preparation to increase the license fee for pet dogs. Along with strict guidelines, the Lucknow Municipal Corporation (LMC) is considering a proposal to limit the number of pet dogs per household to two. A proposal to increase the license fee for dogs is also under consideration.

Dr. Arvind Rao, Director, Animal Welfare, LMC said, “We are in the process of formulating new guidelines for pets, especially dogs, in the city. The proposal to double the license fee along with other aspects of animal management is part of this. Rao said that as per the new guidelines, the dog owner cannot leave his dog unattended in public places and he will have to ensure that the dog does not create trouble for the people living nearby. He said that the renewal of the license of the Pet dog would be mandatory every year and the rules of vaccination required for dogs would also have to be followed. At present, the LMC charges a fee of Rs 500 for issuing a license to keep a pet dog of a foreign breed. With the implementation of the new guidelines, this amount shall increase to Rs 1,000.

Stating the need for stricter guidelines, Dr. Arvind Rao said, as the living space in the city is shrinking, it is imperative that there is no crisis and conflict due to pets and that there is a sure way to do so. He said that the new guidelines are being made keeping this in mind and special attention will also be given to the welfare of pets. The director said that as per the new guidelines, the dog owner has to ensure that the place where the animal lives are clean and comfortable. Considering that many people keep such dogs as pets, which are known for their ferocious nature and are even banned in many countries, the LMC plans to ensure that the dogs are kept properly. be trained with.

It is noteworthy that a pet dog of Pitbull breed had attacked the elderly mother of its owner in Lucknow on July 12, due to which the injured woman later succumbed during treatment. According to data available with the LMC, there are 927 licensed pet dogs in the city, of which 25 are American Pitbulls and 178 Rottweilers, both of which are known for their aggressive nature. Some dogs need to be properly trained before they can be kept as pets in homes, Rao said. We are trying to incorporate this aspect and make it mandatory for pet owners in the city. “We also plan to make owners aware of the dangers of keeping dogs of such breed as pets,” he said.

Apart from domesticated dogs, the LMC is also focusing on checking the population of stray dogs in the city. There were several cases of stray dogs attacking children in the city during summers. In one such incident in April, a five-year-old boy was killed in an attack by stray dogs, while his six-year-old sister was badly injured. Ubaid, the uncle of the deceased boy, told PTI- An animal, believed to be a friend of humans, took our child away from us. The government should take measures to prevent such incidents in the future.

Following such incidents, the LMC issued a helpline number and increased animal birth control (ABC) activities to control the dog population. The Municipal Corporation claims to settle the issue of human-animal conflict in a scientific manner. The LMC has also launched a dedicated helpline to assist the residents of Lucknow in case of emergencies related to stray dogs.

Citizens use the helpline for dog bites, controlling the stray dog ​​population, and reporting incidents related to dogs in their vicinity. The LMC officer claimed to have followed the guidelines laid down by the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) to prevent any cruelty to the dog. “We are also in touch with representatives of several animal rights groups and are working closely with them to reduce any potential conflicts over population control of stray dogs,” Rao said.

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