About us

Local Post – beyond news (www.localpostit.com) is an independent digital news platform
that generates news, stories, deep analysis on various subjects, and editorials on pertinent
issues that affect the society. Local Post aims at discovering, curating and distributing non-
divisive stories on an everyday basis. The platform features news articles on soft positive
stories, happenings & hyper local issues & write-ups on social issues and an in-depth analysis
of the same.

Through a team of dedicated writers, we produce information with the aim of creating an
informative environment that will not only encourage innovation but also fuel the need to
bring out quality content.

You can follow Local Post on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Koo, Telegram and
YouTube. If you have any queries, feedback or opinions and articles that you would like to
get published, please email to editor@localpostit.com

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