Unveiling the Resilience of a Freedom Fighter: Partition Horror Remembrance Day at Meerut Public School

Meerut: The echoes of history resonated within the walls of Meerut Public School for Girls (Westend Road) as the campus transformed into a poignant reminder of the past on the solemn occasion of Partition Horror Remembrance Day, observed every year on August 14. The school orchestrated a remarkable exhibition that not only paid homage to the harrowing experiences of the partition but also celebrated the indomitable spirit of those who endured its horrors.

In an awe-inspiring moment, the event was inaugurated by the venerable Shri Krishan Kumar Khanna, a living testament to the struggle for freedom. Despite his frailty, his determination shone as he pinned the national flag onto the chests of representatives from the erstwhile colonial-era regimes. The act radiated a potent symbolism of unity and resilience.

The corridors of Meerut Public School reverberated with the harmonious voices of more than 200 students who gathered to pay homage. The event unfurled with a stirring patriotic melody that set the tone for the day, followed by poignant exhibitions that painted vivid vignettes of the partition era. The climax of the day was marked by a collective rendition of the National Anthem, a soul-stirring moment that reminded everyone of the unbreakable thread that binds our nation together.

Commending the school’s initiative and the discipline exhibited by its students, Shri Krishan Kumar Khanna took the stage before a captivated audience. He posed a compelling question to the young minds before him: Why delve into the darkness of history? However, the eager curiosity of the students persuaded him to open up about his personal encounter with that tumultuous period.

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With eloquence and emotion, Shri Krishan Kumar Khanna recounted his own experiences during the partition. His journey from Shaifupura, Pakistan, where he witnessed the horrors that tore families apart and violated the dignity of women, to his encounter with Mahatma Gandhi, left the audience spellbound. He narrated his poignant recollections of a peaceful city marred by violence, and how he was eventually coerced to leave due to circumstances beyond his control.

The narrative took a stirring turn as he revealed his audacious act of removing the colonial flag that fluttered high at Meerut Court and hoisting the Indian national flag in its place. This act of courage led to his imprisonment, during which he crafted the resounding slogan, “UP UP THE NATIONAL FLAG, DOWN DOWN THE UNION.” His unyielding spirit carried him through, as he recounted his subsequent journey to establish a new life, venturing from Amritsar to Ludhiana before finally planting the seeds of a successful sports goods business.

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Shri Krishan Kumar Khanna’s life stands as a living testament to the indomitable spirit that shaped the destiny of our nation. The exhibition at Meerut Public School not only commemorated the horrors of the past but also served as a stirring reminder that the strength of character can shape a brighter future. As we honor those who endured the partition, let us also draw inspiration from their stories and continue to march towards progress, unity, and peace.

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