SP Legislator Atul Pradhan Initiates Hunger Strike Against Alleged Medical Malpractice

Meerut: Atul Pradhan, a legislator from the Samajwadi Party (SP), has commenced a hunger strike outside the District Magistrate’s office to protest against arbitrary practices in private hospitals. His demonstration is a direct response to a fabricated case filed against him for rendering assistance to a patient.

The SP legislator alleges that he has been falsely implicated in a case for providing care to a patient, and his hunger strike aims to bring attention to the alleged misuse of legal procedures to stifle his activism. The case has reportedly been initiated by a hospital management associated with the BJP.

Pradhan’s hunger strike has garnered attention not only for his personal predicament but also as a symbol of resistance against what he perceives as unjust practices by private hospital administrations. The legislator is demanding a fair investigation into the alleged fake case and urging authorities to address issues related to patient care in private medical facilities.

The situation sheds light on the broader debate surrounding the nexus between politics and healthcare, especially when it involves private hospitals with alleged affiliations to political parties. Atul Pradhan’s hunger strike serves as a platform to draw attention to these concerns and demands accountability in the healthcare system. The SP legislator vows to continue his protest until a satisfactory resolution is reached.

Munish Kumar

Munish is a senior journalist with more than 18 years of experience. Freelance photo journalist with some leading newspapers, magazines, and news websites, has extensively contributing to The Times of India, Delhi Times, Wire, ANI, PTI, Nav Bharat Times & Business Byte and is now associated with Local Post as Editor

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