Meerut Police Gear Up for a Peaceful Bakrid Celebration: Inspections and Directives Ensured

Meerut: Today a meeting was held at the Police Lines Auditorium in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, to ensure the successful celebration of the upcoming festival of Bakrid. The meeting was attended by the Additional Superintendent of Police of the Urban/Rural/Traffic and Sensitive Areas, along with the Superintendent of Police of the Meerut Range and the Senior Police Superintendent of the Meerut District.

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The purpose of the meeting was to discuss and provide necessary directives regarding the Bakrid, a significant festival celebrated by the Muslim community, it was important for the police authorities to ensure the smooth and peaceful conduct of the festivities.

During the meeting, various aspects were discussed, including security arrangements, traffic management, and the deployment of personnel in sensitive areas. The senior police officials emphasized the need for proactive measures to maintain law and order during the festival. They highlighted the importance of maintaining vigilance and addressing any potential security threats.

Following the meeting, a thorough inspection of the canteen, mess, and barracks in the Police Lines was conducted. The objective was to assess the readiness of the facilities and address any issues or shortcomings that could affect the preparations for Bakrid. The inspection aimed to ensure that the police personnel residing in the Police Lines would have suitable accommodations and facilities to carry out their duties effectively.

The senior police officials also directed the concerned officers to coordinate with community leaders, religious organizations, and other stakeholders to foster harmony and understanding during the festival. They stressed the significance of maintaining communal harmony and urged everyone to celebrate the occasion with mutual respect and goodwill.

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In conclusion, the meeting held at the Police Lines Auditorium in Meerut today focused on preparing for the upcoming festival of Bakrid. The inspection of the canteen, mess, and barracks, along with the issuance of necessary directives, demonstrated the authorities’ commitment to ensuring a safe and successful celebration of the festival. The police officials emphasized the importance of maintaining security, traffic management, and communal harmony during Bakrid, reflecting their dedication to maintaining law and order in the region.

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