Gruesome Double Homicide: Husband-Wife Brutally Murdered in Shastri Nagar

Meerut : A double murder incident occurred in the Shastri Nagar area of Meerut near the Bholenath Temple in a second lane. The bodies of the husband and wife were found in their bedroom in Sector 6 of Shastri Nagar. They had marks of injury on their necks, heads, and hands. They were attacked with a deadly weapon while sleeping. According to the police, no robbery took place. However, a scooter parked outside the house is reported missing. The motive behind this murder is still unclear. The parents live on the lower floor while their son resides in Gurugram.

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Late Mamta and Pramod

The two-story house in Sector 6 belongs to Pramod. He used to work at Sahibabad’s iron factory, and his wife Mamta was a teacher at B.D.S. School. Pramod was around 50 years old, while Mamta was 45 years old. Pramod’s parents reside in the lower portion of the same house, while Pramod lived on the upper floor with his wife.

The murder was discovered when neighbors arrived. They have two children, but both of them live in Gurugram for their studies. On Tuesday, their son called Pramod’s mobile phone. After multiple attempts, when he didn’t answer the phone, suspicion arose. The son requested the neighboring family to speak to his parents since they were not answering the phone.

Subham, who lives in the neighborhood, went to Pramod’s house. He told Pramod’s parents downstairs that Pramod and Mamta were not answering the children’s calls and asked them to talk to them. Afterward, everyone reached the upper floor. When they called but received no response, they went inside. They found the lifeless bodies of Pramod and Mamta lying on the bed in a blood-soaked condition. Chaos ensued afterward. People from the vicinity and a crowd gathered at the scene. The police were informed. The son also arrived in Meerut from Gurugram.

Pramod was first attacked, and then an assault was made on Mamta. Mamta’s laptop was found open. According to the police, no damage was done to the room’s furnishings. Despite that, the scooter was missing from below. The main gate of the house was closed, while all the doors on the upper floor were open. The forensic team has collected evidence to determine whether there was one or more than one attacker. The team found food in the kitchen. It is being assumed that both of them had dinner together during the night. Afterward, they must have gone to bed. The way the bodies were found in the morning suggests that Pramod was killed first. Then, his wife became the target. The wife was on leave on Monday.

On the other hand, Gopal Dixit, the principal of the BDS School, mentioned that Mamta was on leave on Monday. She worked at BDS School for around 11 years and worked as a computer teacher. She was also an assistant examiner.

SSP Meerut

SSP Rohit Singh Sajwan stated that no robbery took place. However, the murder was carried out using a deadly weapon. CCTV footage is being checked, and the forensic team is present at the scene. The post-mortem will be conducted after taking statements from the deceased’s relatives. The motive behind the murder is still unknown. The husband and wife resided on the upper floor, while only the mother and father were present on the ground floor at the time of the incident.

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