Tension Escalates in Meerut as Lawyers Clash with Police After Court Brawl in Hapur

Meerut: A chaotic situation unfolded outside the district court premises as lawyers staged a protest, creating a traffic jam and causing commotion in the area. This turmoil comes in the wake of a brawl involving lawyers in Hapur, which has fueled anger among lawyers in Meerut.

In a disturbing incident, a police officer on a bike was allegedly confronted with hostility and even subjected to an attempted assault by a group of lawyers. Scores of lawyers gathered in unity to protest against the police, raising their voices in a strong show of dissent.

The chaos extended from the court premises to the streets, causing inconvenience to commuters and pedestrians alike. CO Arvind Chaurasia was present at the scene, along with police forces, attempting to maintain order.

The matter revolves around an incident in the Civil Lines area of Meerut, related to the incident that took place in Hapur. It has been reported that there was a clash between lawyers and police officers, which escalated to physical altercations. Following this, the police resorted to using batons to control the situation, leading to a confrontation between lawyers and law enforcement.

The District Bar Association of Hapur accused police of falsely filing a case against a female lawyer and her father. This accusation led to a protest by the association, supported by bar associations from nearby districts such as Ghaziabad, Modinagar, and Garhmukteshwar. The demand for the withdrawal of the fabricated case and immediate action against the accused police officers was also made during the protest.

Allegations suggest that during this period, lawyers had a heated exchange with the police officers, which eventually resulted in the police using force and resorting to baton charges against the lawyers. Videos of this confrontation have gone viral on social media platforms.

It is worth noting that a few days ago, there was a dispute between a female lawyer and a police officer, which appears to have triggered the ongoing protests against the police. Amidst these events, lawyers staged a protest by blocking the road near the Tehsil Chowpatty area of Hapur, creating a chaotic scene and engaging in confrontations with the police.

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Lawyers have accused the Station House Officer of using derogatory language against them. They have demanded the immediate withdrawal of the case filed against the female lawyer and her father and disciplinary action against the involved police personnel. Lawyers emphasize that no compromise will be made on their dignity and respect. Currently, the lawyers are demonstrating outside the Hapur Nagar Kotwali, and during this time, clashes occurred between lawyers and the police, even in the presence of senior officials including the CO and SDM of Hapur.

Allegations are also directed towards the lawyers, claiming that they did not calm down even after the intervention of senior officials. Furthermore, it is alleged that lawyers displayed inappropriate behavior towards the police during the protests, which led the police to use force and charge the lawyers with batons. Videos of this lathi charge have been widely circulated on social media platforms.

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