Son kills both parents in frustration as father used to beat mother after consuming alcohol

Meerut: “In Meerut, a troubled only son, frustrated with his mother’s beating, conspired with his friend and murdered his father on Tuesday. During the incident, the mother, who was sleeping next to them, woke up. The son feared that his mother might reveal the truth, so he killed her too. Afterward, they left the bodies on the bed and fled.

The police investigated the call details of the deceased. It was found that the last call on the father’s phone was from his son. Subsequently, the police arrested the son and began interrogating him. Initially, the son tried to mislead the police but eventually got trapped in his own statements. The accused, Aryan, told the police, ‘My father used to come home drunk every day and would beat my mother. When I tried to intervene, he would argue with me. It was causing me distress.’ Currently, the police have arrested both the son and his friend. Planning with a friend Aryan told the police, ‘I was fed up with my father’s actions. I discussed it with my friend, Aditya. After that, we both planned the murder of my father, Pramod. Aditya lives in Shastri Nagar and works at a call center in Gurgaon. My sister, Kanishka, works in Gurgaon as well. I reached our home in Meerut from Gurgaon around 8 pm on Tuesday. Around 9:30 pm, I went to my friend’s place. After half an hour, around 10 pm, I returned to Aditya’s house with him. I called my father, Pramod, and asked him to open the back door. Then we both entered the house.’ Administering a sedative in mango shake The accused said, ‘According to the plan, I mixed a sedative in mango shake and gave it to my grandparents and mother. However, I did not give the mango shake to my father. Then I told my family that I needed to drop my friend home and left on a scooter. I returned home around 1 am. I called my father and asked him to open the door. My friend, Aditya, was waiting outside the house. After my father opened the door, he went to sleep. Then I opened the door again and called my friend inside.’ Aryan said, ‘After that, both of us went to the bedroom and killed my father, Pramod, by slitting his throat with a knife. During this time, my mother, Mamta, woke up upon hearing my father’s scream. We thought she might reveal the truth to the police, so in anger, we also killed her by slitting her throat.

SSP Meerut

After the incident, we left my friend outside the house and went to Gurgaon.’ Aryan revealed, ‘To avoid suspicion, I called my father’s mobile at 8:45 am in the morning. After that, I called Shubham, our neighbor, and told him that my parents were not answering the phone. I asked him to talk to them. After that, Shubham came to Pramod’s house. They tried calling my grandparents, who lived on the ground floor, but received no response. After a long time, Pramod’s mother came out trembling. Shubham took her upstairs. When no one responded to their calls, they went inside all the rooms. Pramod and Mamta’s bodies were found lying on the bed in the bedroom. The sheets were soaked in blood. Shubham informed the police about the incident.’

The deceased, Pramod (50), who resided in Shastri Nagar Sector-6, used to work in the iron factory. His wife, Mamta (45), was a teacher at a BDS school. Pramod’s parents lived on the ground floor of the house, while Pramod and his wife lived on the upper floor.

On Tuesday, after the post-mortem, the police handed over the body to the relatives. During the last rites, Inspector Nauchandi and other police officers were present. As people began to leave after the cremation, the police took Pramod’s son, Aryan, into custody for questioning. Prior to that, the police had taken Aryan’s friend, Aditya, from Gurgaon. Both of them confessed to the murder during the interrogation. Based on the evidence provided by the son and his friend, the police recovered blood-stained clothes, a knife, and a blood-stained scooter.

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