Mumbai: Smriti Mandhana sets up a testing challenge for Red Bull Campus Cricketers with five difficult cricket challenges at the BPCL Ground in Chembur.

RBCC provides a platform for college cricketers to play on a world stage. And Smriti Mandhana is here to test the abilities of the four-players team from the Alfalah University, Delhi who won the Red Bull Campus Cricket National Finals India 2023.

Smriti tests their batting skills by making them face the fastest ball and run the farthest before the ball drops. She tests their bowling skills by challenging them with the most consecutive direct.
hits and hitting the right stumps. The players are challenged to test their catching skills with their highest catch.

“I think to inspire someone is the biggest achievement I feel. That’s the best feeling if I could even inspire like four girls to pick up a bat and ball and start playing cricket, it’s an achievement for me.” -Smriti Mandhana

Red Bull Campus Cricket Tournament is a 12 year old international tournament for college and university students which features the expertise of the Rajasthan Royals franchise with players and coaches present to scout talent at the matches.

Red Bull is an energy drink powerhouse and is heavily associated with promotion of sports around the world. The brand’s influence in extreme sports includes windsurfing, cliff diving, rock-climbing, Formula One, and even its own Air Racing series which has taken the world by storm.

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