Mystery Unveiled: Student’s Journey through Online Gaming and Faith Sparks Controversy

“Police Investigation Unearths Intriguing Connection Between a Release of a Movie and Family’s Plea for Assistance”

Ghaziabad: In a captivating turn of events, a student’s attempt to change his path has taken a surprising twist. It all began after the release of the movie, “The Kerala Story,” when the student’s family sought help from the police, igniting an intriguing investigation. Early investigations have already provided the police with evidence of the student’s immersion in a unique online phenomenon called “brain wash.”

Authorities in Rajnagar have reported the case of a 12th-grade student’s pursuit of a new lifestyle. The police stumbled upon compelling evidence of the student’s involvement in the “brain wash” phenomenon during their initial probe. For weeks, the family had been aware of his growing fascination with Islam. Following the release of “The Kerala Story,” tensions escalated, leading the concerned relatives to file an official complaint with the police.

On Wednesday, the police confiscated the student’s mobile phone, which contained materials related to Islam. However, the nature of a gaming app found on the device remains a mystery. The mobile phone has been sent for forensic examination, while the student’s laptop will be handed over to the police today. A resident of Rajnagar, the parent had lodged a complaint with the Police Commissioner’s office on Tuesday, claiming that their son would leave the house under the pretext of going to the gym but instead visit the Jama Masjid in Sanjay Nagar Sector 23 to attend prayers.

Two years ago, the student had used an online gaming app to transfer Rs. 20,000 to accounts belonging to individuals in Mumbai. Since then, his behavior had undergone a radical change, spending hours conversing with these individuals. The concerned parent registered a report against these individuals at the Kavinagar police station, as well as against the Imam of the Jama Masjid in Sanjay Nagar Sector 23. According to the police, the student had indeed sent money to accounts in Mumbai. With this confirmation, the police are now preparing a team to be sent to Mumbai for further investigation. The police are also conducting a separate probe into this aspect.

Growing Frustrations Lead to Student’s Outburst

The student had become increasingly disgruntled, particularly when exposed to debates on TV channels. It infuriated him when panelists made remarks about Islam, prompting him to storm out of the house. Despite attempts by his family to reason with him, the student remained defiant. On Wednesday, when approached by an investigative journalist at his residence, he adamantly refused to provide any information.

Surprising Friendship: Praying at the Mosque with a Non-Muslim Friend

Interestingly, the student was not alone in his activities. A non-Muslim friend of his also accompanied him to the Jama Masjid for prayers. This friend, who is approximately 20 years old and resides in Sanjay Nagar, was also visited by the police team on Wednesday. According to the police, the friend’s relatives clarified that he was an adult and attending prayers did not pose any issue for them.

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Mosque Committee Alerted the Police

The incident came to light when Mehtab Alam Kasmi, the Imam of Jama Masjid, received information from several mosque-goers about the two young men attending prayers, although they did not appear to be Muslims. The Imam wasted no time and summoned both of them. During the subsequent meeting, the young men clarified their genuine interest in Islam. The Imam then instructed them not to visit the mosque again and informed the Mosque Committee about the incident. As a result, the Committee promptly alerted the Superintendent of Police (SP) Kavinagar and the local police station.

Despite repeated attempts to contact Ayyub Patwari, the Committee Chairman, he remained unreachable. ACP Abhishek Srivastava of Kavinagar shared that if necessary, they would dispatch a team to Mumbai to further investigate the case. Additionally, the cyber cell is actively pursuing the investigation, aiming to identify the person operating under the pseudonym “Badho” and take appropriate action.

As the investigation unfolds, the truth behind the student’s journey from online gaming to faith continues to captivate the minds of locals. The involvement of agencies and the intriguing connections revealed during the probe only add to the enigma. Stay tuned for more updates as this captivating tale of transformation unravels, leaving us wondering about the hidden influences that shape our lives.

Umesh Kumar

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