Melodies : Free Karaoke Singing Competition Takes Pratap Vihar by Storm

Pratap Vihar: Sector 12, was filled with a symphony of voices as the two-day free karaoke singing competition, organized by Seva Ram Baggaa Academy of Music and Art (Leelavati Public Senior Secondary School), captivated audiences. The event witnessed an impressive participation of numerous talented youths, whose performances left everyone in awe.

From the moment the curtains rose, it was evident that the contestants had poured their hearts and souls into their presentations. The sheer talent displayed by each participant was commendable, leaving the judges with a challenging task of selecting the winners. However, in a gesture of appreciation, all participants were awarded recognition and provided with video clips of their performances as mementos.

The highlight of the competition was the presence of several distinguished guests who graced the event. Renowned Bollywood lyricist Ravi Chopra, music composers Kuldeep Sandhu, Sanjay Philips, Jimmy Lewis, and DJ Sandhu were among the luminaries in attendance. Additionally, the Director of S.B. Records, Sanjay Baggaa, a celebrated singer and composer himself, also graced the occasion.

Sanjay Baggaa, in his address, expressed his delight at the exceptional talent he had witnessed. He announced that some of the participants had been offered opportunities to work with S.B. Records in the future. This news added an extra layer of excitement, as it presented the prospect of a bright future for these aspiring artists.

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Furthermore, it was announced that monthly competitions would be organized in various art forms to provide a better platform for artists from diverse backgrounds. These initiatives aimed to promote and nurture talent, ensuring a continuous flow of artistic events throughout the year.

The event not only showcased the impressive musical talent within Delhi NCR but also underscored the importance of recognizing and encouraging young artists. The enthusiasm and passion displayed by the participants resonated with the audience, leaving them captivated and inspired.

As the curtains fell on this memorable event, the melodies lingered in the air, reminding everyone of the magic created during those two unforgettable days. Pratap Vihar had become a testament to the power of music and the endless possibilities it holds for the future.

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With a promising future ahead for the participants, the collaboration between S.B. Records and the Seva Ram Baggaa Academy of Music and Art is set to create waves in the music industry. The journey from the karaoke stage to the recording studio awaits these talented individuals, and Pratap Vihar eagerly anticipates the day when their voices will captivate the world.

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