Mayor Sunita Dayal Leads the Way in Transforming Ghaziabad: Inspects Beautification of Elevated Underpass at UP Gate

Ghaziabad: In a bid to transform the city into a picturesque destination, Mayor Sunita Dayal conducted an inspection of the beautification work on the elevated underpass at UP Gate. The Mayor had previously issued directives to enhance the aesthetics of the area, aiming to make the city cleaner and more appealing by the Swachh Survekshan 2023, and to send a message of the beauty of Ghaziabad to the people traveling to and from Delhi. The beautification work on the underpass has commenced, incorporating beautiful paintings, landscaping, and greenery, to enhance the city’s visual appeal.

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Mayor Sunita Dayal explained that the beautification work at the entrance gate of the city is underway, with efforts being made to make the city even more beautiful. The aim is to give the city a distinct identity and provide a better environment. Similar endeavors will continue to be undertaken for the betterment of the city in the future.

Umesh Kumar

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