Ghaziabad Police Presents Mastermind Baddo in Court for Online Gaming Conversion Case

Ghaziabad: In a significant development regarding the case of online gaming conversion, the Ghaziabad police presented the mastermind, Shahnavaz alias Baddo, in the ACJM (Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate) Third Court of Ghaziabad. Following a medical examination under tight security, Baddo was brought before the court today. The court has ordered a 14-day judicial custody for Badshah.

The Ghaziabad-NCRC (National Capital Region Crime) police, with the assistance of Maharashtra Police, reached Ghaziabad today with the prime accused Shahnavaz Maksood Khan, alias Baddo, who was allegedly instigating children for religious conversion through online gaming. The police had received a complaint on May 30 from a Jain family at the Kavi Nagar police station. The complaint stated that their children were being coerced into changing their religion under the pretext of playing online games.

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The children had reportedly abandoned their own faith and started discussing matters related to another religion, as their entire activity had changed. They had even started visiting religious places of the other faith, leaving their own. The police registered a case and conducted a thorough investigation. As the claims made by the affected family were found to be valid, three other similar cases came to light. Subsequently, the police intensified their efforts and arrested a Maulvi in connection with the case. Meanwhile, Shahnavaz Maksood Khan, alias Baddo, had managed to flee and was later apprehended in Maharashtra.

He was brought to Ghaziabad on transit remand. After the interrogation, Baddo was presented before the court. The court has ordered a 14-day judicial custody for him. Speaking about the entire case, ACP (Assistant Commissioner of Police) Kavi Nagar, Abhishek Srivastava, stated that an investigation had revealed the gravity of the situation, and after the victim family’s claims were found to be true, three other similar cases surfaced. The police acted swiftly, leading to the arrest of a Maulvi, while Baddo was absconding. He was later arrested in Maharashtra.

Baddo, who was brought to Ghaziabad on transit remand, has been presented in court. The court has ordered a 14-day judicial custody for him.

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