Shivangi Sangeet Mahavidyalaya Hosts Monthly Meeting ‘Navankur’ for Indian Classical Music

Meerut: Shivangi Sangeet Mahavidyalaya organized the monthly meeting “Navankur” for classical music. Under this event, the talented artists of the institution mesmerized everyone with their enchanting and expressive performances of classical singing and Kathak dance.

The esteemed artists of the institution presented captivating performances of classical singing, Kathak dance, semi-classical dance, Trivat, and Khayal, among others.

The Chairman of the institution, Rajesh Sharma, and the Director, Richa Sharma, jointly lit the lamp in front of the idol of Goddess Saraswati to inaugurate the program.


  1. Saraswati Vandana: The first presentation under the monthly meeting “Navankur” of classical music was the Saraswati Vandana, “Veena Vadini Var De,” composed in the Raag Bageshwari. It was presented by the talented student Arohi Baluni of the institution.
  2. Prayas: The young artists of Shivangi Music College, Riddhima, Yashika, Vaishnavi, Avishi, Aaradhya, and Pranika, presented Kathak Shuddh Nritya in Teen Taal (16 beats) in a captivating manner. The performance included Tatkar, Palte, Tihai, and Hastak. The young dancers left an indelible impression on the audience with their graceful hand and foot movements.
  3. Group Song: “Ajnana Ke Andheron Se Hamein Gyan Ke Ujalo Ki Ore Le Chalo” – The next presentation of the classical music meeting was a group song titled “Ajnana Ke Andheron Se Hamein Gyan Ke Ujalo Ki Ore Le Chalo.” It was performed by the students of the institution, Bhakti, Mrityunjay, and Devakshar. The emotional performance left a lasting impact on the audience.
  4. Duet Classical Singing – Under classical singing, the artists of the institution, Sahiba and Kakul, presented a melodious and rhythmic performance in Raag Yaman and Teen Taal.
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After the elaborate expansion of the Raag, a beautiful performance of fast-paced Khayal was presented by Devopratim. The mesmerizing and emotionally charged performance delighted all the viewers.

  1. Kathak Nritya in Teen Taal and Khayal – Under Kathak Nritya, the students of the institution, Shachi, Divyanshi, Adya, and Vanya, showcased their mastery over Bandishen, Tatkar, Chalaa, Thaat, Uthan, Aamad, Paran, Tukde, Tihai, and Kavit. They flawlessly performed all the compositions, leaving the audience spellbound.
  2. Classical Singing and Duet Presentation in Raag Bhairav – The newly inducted artists of the institution, Vyom and Tejasv, presented a duet performance of classical singing under the theme

7- Under the monthly meeting of classical music, within the Shivangi Institution, artists Sneha, Gauri, Diksha, Nandini, and Vrinda commenced the pure Kathak dance with Guru Vandana. Demonstrating the beautiful rhythmic patterns of Kathak dance in Dhamar taal, they showcased distinctive hand gestures and footwork, including Thaat, Uthan, Paran Aamad, Paran, Parmelu, Tihai, and fast-paced Teen Taal, presenting Kavit, Tukda, and Tihai with ease. The talented students of the institution delighted everyone present.

8- Trivat – With the enchanting presentation of Trivat, a captivating duet of 12 beats in Chaartaal within the Kathak style, the talented artists of the institution, Manasvi, Ananya, Shivika, Ishita, Adya, Pankhuri, Bhavya, and Nandini mesmerized everyone. Showcasing the distinctive rhythmic patterns of the Jaipur Gharana within the Kathak style, they left an indelible impression on all the spectators.

Until the final presentation of the program, everyone enjoyed and praised the performances of the students with enthusiasm and heartfelt appreciation.

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