Outraged by Ghaziabad Principal’s Brutality, Female Students Pen Blood-letter to CM Yogi; Akhilesh Also Voices Concerns

Ghaziabad: In Ghaziabad, a case has come to light of girl students of a private school making serious allegations of molestation on the principal. More than this, when the girls complained to the police against the principal, the police did not take any action. After this, the girl students wrote a letter to CM Yogi Adityanath with their own blood. After the letter written in blood went viral, the police swung into action and arrested the accused. The case pertains to Bamheta village of Wave City police station, where the principal of Adarsh Senior Secondary School has been accused of molestation by girl students.

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Former CM Akhilesh Yadav has also tweeted about this matter. In his tweet, Akhilesh wrote that the girl students of Ghaziabad wrote a letter in blood to the Chief Minister, why no action has been taken on the FIR lodged against the principal for molesting the students. The girl students also allege that a police officer scolded them, threatened them and made them sit at the police station for 4 hours. This serious matter should be investigated immediately. The government should ensure the protection of sisters and daughters.

In a letter written in blood, the girl students have made serious allegations against the school principal and the police. In the viral letter, the girl students alleged that the principal used to do dirty acts by calling one or the other girl student to his office every day. The girl students allege that the principal used to threaten the girls that if they told this to anyone, he would ruin their lives. But when some girls dared to tell this thing to their relatives, then the relatives together went to the principal. During this, the manager and principal of the school misbehaved with all these people and abused them.

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The girl students allege that when all of us went to the Wave City police station to complain, the police officer made them sit for 4 hours and scolded them a lot. Also, no action was taken against the accused. Exhausted, these girl students wrote a letter to Chief Minister Adityanath with their own blood. When the letter went viral, the police swung into action and registered an FIR and arrested the accused.

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