Fire Breaks Out Near Nida Inter College in Ghaziabad’s Thana Masoori Area

Ghaziabad: A massive fire broke out near Nida Inter College in the Thana Masoori area of Ghaziabad due to a major transformer malfunction. The fire, which was fueled by the sparking wires, resulted in significant damage. Shockingly, even a monkey got caught in the blaze, as depicted in the accompanying image. The photograph vividly captures the intensity of the fire and highlights the apparent negligence of electricity personnel.

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Previous Complaints Ignored: In the past, school authorities had brought the issue of exposed and damaged wires to the attention of electricity workers. However, despite their prior knowledge and complaints about the vulnerable wires, no concrete action was taken to rectify the situation or enhance safety measures.

Recent Fire Incident: Unfortunately, the morning saw the transformer catching fire once again, leading to the distressing situation. The incident witnessed not only property damage but also the unfortunate death of a monkey that fell victim to the blaze.

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The incident emphasizes the need for timely action by the concerned authorities to address the longstanding issue of exposed and damaged wires. It raises questions about the adequacy of safety protocols and the urgency required to prevent such mishaps in the future.

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