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Ayurveda Is Effective in Severe Cases of Corona Epidemic, Study Done at IIT Delhi

New Delhi: Ayurveda is fully capable of dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. According to research by IIT Delhi and Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar, Ayurveda treatment is very effective even in severe cases related to the corona epidemic. The study also revealed that not only Ayurveda can relieve people from the corona epidemic, but this ancient system is also very successful in recovering the fear of infection from people’s minds after the infection is over and the epidemic.

Patients were given Ayurvedic medicines: Rahul Garg
Rahul Garg of IIT Delhi, who conceptualized the project, pointed out that in addition to standard care treatment, patients were prescribed Ayurvedic medicines through telemedicine as per the guidelines. In addition, a personalized therapeutic yoga program was administered using video conferencing. Garg added, “This study also shows the urgent need to scientifically examine traditional Indian knowledge systems in top educational institutions.”

Patients were classified into two groups
He further said patients were classified for this treatment. In this classification, patients with more than one comorbidity, such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, chronic kidney disease, coronary artery disease, or patients whose age was above 60, were placed in a group. At the same time, the disease battling a disease was classified into a separate group.

Treatments were also classified into several parts
Garg said, “The patients were given treatment as per the classical texts. In addition, each patient’s medical history and presenting symptoms were taken into account. The treatment consisted of Ayurvedic medicines, daily yoga sessions including deep sleep techniques, pranayama, and basic asanas. These treatments were classified into several categories such as YAS (Yoga-Ayurveda based treatment, possibly with allopathic supplements), YASP (Yoga-Ayurveda based treatment, possibly with allopathic supplements and paracetamol), YAM (Yoga-Ayurveda based treatment). and (MWM) Modern Western Medicine.

Dr. Alka Mishra, who assists the patients in this Ayurveda treatment, said that patients’ confidence in the efficacy of these traditional medicine systems has increased tremendously. We are seeing an increasing trend towards ancient systems of medicine. He further informed that by the end of the treatment many patients decided to adopt yoga in their lifestyle.

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