Unity in Action: Private schools to be shut tomorrow to show solidarity against arrest of Azamgarh school head

Ghaziabad: In a remarkable show of unity and compassion, the private schools of Uttar Pradesh, associated with CBSE, ICSE, and UP Board, have chosen to stand together in a gesture of solidarity. This remarkable decision, unchained by government mandates, comes as a powerful response to the arrest of a school principal in Azamgarh. Tomorrow, on August 8, 2023, these institutions will pull down their shutters, voicing their concerns in unison.

The Unaided Private School Association, UP, the guiding force behind this bold move, has made it clear that this is not about ordinary holidays. There is no binding government decree dictating this closure, making it a testament to the collective conscience of these institutions. It is worth noting that while private schools are stepping back, government-run institutions will maintain their schedule.

Private school students and parents should contact their particular institutions for details on the August 8 school closure.

The incident that sparked this resolute action revolves around a tragic case. A 17-year-old female student’s death, following a harrowing fall from the third floor of a school building in Azamgarh, led to the arrest of the school’s principal and a teacher on murder charges. The grieving family has alleged relentless harassment as the cause behind this heart-wrenching step.

Abhishek Tyagi, Dinesh Vidyapeeth , Dhanoura, emphasized that the case demands a thorough investigation, urging caution in any action taken. He articulated the need for comprehensive scrutiny before any punitive measures.

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As media inquisitively probes the rationale behind this closure, the Association clarifies its position:

  1. Purpose of Closure: The abrupt arrests of the principal and teacher without due investigation are deeply concerning. Their immediate release is urged. The call is for a secure environment for all school personnel. Any consequential steps should only follow once guilt is established through a comprehensive inquiry.
  2. Future Course: In the eventuality that their demands remain unaddressed post the August 8th closure and protest, the Association has underscored its readiness to deliberate on further action. However, as of now, the closure is slated solely for August 8.
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