Tragic End to a Troubled Tale: Man Jumps from Third Floor Amid Marital Discord

Ghaziabad: In a heart-wrenching incident that unfolded at Raj Nagar Extension, a man leapt from the third floor of his residence on Saturday evening, tragically ending his life. The shocking event has cast a pall of grief over the locality, prompting discussions about the strains of modern-day relationships.

The deceased, Gaurav Tyagi, had been residing with his wife Nisha and their 15-year-old son in a rented flat for the past ten months in Rajnagar Residency. The family’s life took a tumultuous turn when Gaurav was apprehended by the Madhuban Bapudham police on August 24. He was accused of confining an individual named Kamal in his detox center against his will.

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According to sources, a heated argument had erupted between Gaurav and Nisha, leading her to step outside their residence for a breather. Tragically, moments later, Gaurav chose to leap from the balcony. The maintenance team promptly rushed him to the District Combined Hospital in Sanjay Nagar, where medical professionals declared him deceased.

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