Tragedy Strikes Meerut on Shivratri: Six Kanwariyas Electrocuted in Devastating Accident!

Meerut : A devastating accident occurred in Meerut during the auspicious occasion of Shivratri, taking the lives of six kanwariy as who had come from Haridwar carrying holy water. The high-tension power line collided with the DJ setup, resulting in a fatal accident. The incident happened when the kanwariyas entered the village of Rali Chauhan in Meerut around 8 PM on Saturday. As soon as they entered the village, their high-tension line got entangled with the DJ setup, causing an electric current to pass through the speakers and the kanwad. Before anyone could comprehend the situation, the kanwariyas started falling one by one, and chaos ensued. Panicked screams filled the air, and despite someone calling the electricity department to shut down the power, no action was taken. The villagers rushed the electrocuted kanwariyas to hospitals in their vehicles.

Approximately a dozen injured kanwariyas were admitted to various hospitals. Unfortunately, Manish, who had arrived at the IIMT Hospital in Ganganagar, succumbed to his injuries before receiving treatment. At Anand Hospital, four kanwariyas lost their lives during the treatment, two of whom were siblings. Another kanwariya passed away in the hospital after midnight.

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ADG Rajeev Sabharwal, DM Deepak Meena, and SSP Rohit Singh Sajwan visited the injured at the hospitals. Meanwhile, infuriated by the negligence of the electricity department, the villagers staged a protest outside the village, leading to a traffic jam on the Meerut -Kila Road. The police officers tried to clear the jam throughout the night, while the villagers demanded action against the careless electricity officials.

The condition of the injured kanwariyas remains critical, and the administration is making efforts to provide them with the best possible treatment. However, the question arises as to why such a fatal accident occurred in Rali Chauhan village when all departments had reviewed and prepared for the kanwariya pilgrimage on the ground.

The District Magistrate stated that the priority is to ensure better treatment for the injured kanwariyas, and a thorough investigation of the entire incident is underway. Action will be taken against negligent officers and staff members once the inquiry is completed. The high-tension line proved to be a trap for the kanwariyas during the procession. While many lives have been lost, Lakshya, the sole survivor from the village in this group, remains traumatized. Nobody could have anticipated that after completing the long journey, death would strike at their doorstep, snatching away the lives of six individuals.

Witnessing the smoke rising from the bodies, people screamed in horror, but they lacked the courage to approach them. Vasu, a 12-year-old eyewitness, revealed that some villagers rushed to save Lakshya and Prashant, but they got electrocuted in the process. Everyone was shouting, “Save them, save them!” But they couldn’t reach the people hanging from the current-infested wires. After suffering severe burns, those who fell were lifted by others and taken away. The scene was horrifying, with burning bodies and smoke engulfing the air, leaving everyone startled.

Shahid Manjur, Samajwadi Party MLA, arrived at Rali Chauhan village after being informed about the incident. He stated, “There was no vandalism in my car. I went to Anand Hospital, Medical College, and Vendantah Hospital to meet the families of the victims. This incident is tragic and deeply saddening.”

The village of Rali Chauhan has witnessed a significant influx of kanwariyas every year. The residents have been celebrating the kanwariya pilgrimage as a festival for years.

The loss of lives in this tragic accident has left the entire community in shock and grief.

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