Swift Action by Firefighters Prevents Disaster as Fire Breaks Out Near Bank in Modinagar

Modinagar: A fire incident was reported near the Union Bank in Sonda Kati Modinagar. Upon receiving the information, the fire station in Modinagar quickly dispatched two fire tankers, including the Deputy Chief Fire Officer, to the scene.

Upon arriving at the spot, the fire unit found the bank premises locked and smoke billowing out from inside. Without delay and in the presence of the local police, the fire unit swiftly cut the lock on the bank’s gate to gain access. Once inside, they discovered that the entire bank was engulfed in thick smoke.

With prompt action, the fire unit set up their equipment and extended hoses to effectively combat the fire. Their quick response prevented the flames from spreading further, avoiding any major damage to the property. The blaze was fully extinguished after the firefighters tirelessly fought the flames using water and foam.

Fortunately, due to the timely response and efficient firefighting efforts, there were no casualties reported, and the bank’s property was saved from extensive damage.

Authorities are currently investigating the cause of the fire and ensuring all safety measures are followed in the aftermath of the incident. The firefighters’ prompt and professional response has been praised by the local community, as their swift action averted what could have been a major disaster.

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Umesh Kumar

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