Municipal Commissioner Inspects ICCC Center, Reviews Problem-Solving Strategies

Ghaziabad: In an effort to streamline city operations and enhance service delivery, the Municipal Commissioner, Vikramaditya Singh Malik, conducted an extensive review of the Integrated Control and Command Center (ICCC). During his visit, he examined how the city’s issues are being addressed through various strategies and took a closer look at the cleanliness monitoring process conducted by the Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) team.

Commissioner Malik’s visit to the ICCC highlighted several crucial aspects of city management, including the implementation of GPS tracking systems. He engaged with relevant teams to understand how GPS technology is being utilized to improve essential services and overall urban functionality in Ghaziabad.

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Motivated by the aim to provide better services to the citizens of Ghaziabad, Commissioner Malik encouraged the involved teams to explore innovative approaches and create plans that align with the city’s interests. This visit emphasized the commitment of the Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation to utilize technology and strategies effectively for the benefit of the city and its residents.

Umesh Kumar

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