Interstate Gang of Vehicle Thieves Busted by Meerut Police

Meerut: In a major breakthrough, the Meerut Police has successfully apprehended three vehicle thieves involved in an inter-state gang. During the operation, the police seized seven stolen motorcycles and scooters, along with tools used for breaking vehicle locks.

The operation was conducted as part of a surveillance campaign to track down criminals in the NCR region, following the directives of Senior Police Superintendent of Meerut, under the keen supervision of SP City and CO Civil Lines. The police-initiated checking activities to catch suspects and inspect suspicious individuals and vehicles.

On August 2, 2023, during the checking operation near Gandhi Ashram, Garh Road at approximately 7:20 PM, the Nauchandi Police managed to apprehend three vehicle thieves, along with two stolen motorcycles. Upon further investigation, the culprits revealed that they stole the vehicles and resold them in Meerut and surrounding areas after breaking the locks.

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The recovered vehicles and their respective case registrations are as follows:

  1. DL 13SK 7737 – (Case: 549/23, Section 379, Nandgram Police Station, Ghaziabad Commissionerate)
  2. DL 5SAK 6046 – (Case: 227/2023, Section 379, Gangangar Police Station, Meerut)
  3. UP 15BW 8893 – (Case: 484/23, Section 379, Kankarkheda Police Station, Meerut)
  4. UP 63AF 9685 – (Case: 310/2022, Section 379, Civil Line Police Station, Meerut)
  5. Fake Number – UP 15Y 5713 (Actual Number – UP 15AZ 3422)
  6. Scooter – UP 15CU 5827
  7. Scooter – UP 22AD 5543 (Stolen from Garhmukteshwar Hapur region)

Apart from the stolen vehicles, the police also recovered the tools used for breaking locks during the arrests.

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The arrested suspects have been identified as follows:

  1. Sonu, son of Yashpal, resident of Kaaliagadh Jagriti Vihar, Meerut
  2. Gaurav, son of Rakesh, resident of Anand Hospital, Kele Wale Gaudam, Meerut
  3. Deva, son of Sunil, resident of Jagriti Vihar, Meerut

The Nauchandi Police has registered cases against the accused for vehicle theft in the respective police stations where the crimes were reported.

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