International Day for Biological Diversity: Protecting Life’s Variety and Preserving Our Ecological Balance

Meerut: Regional Director of Social Forestry Department, Meerut, revealed that the International Day for Biological Diversity is celebrated on May 22 to raise awareness and control activities that pose a threat to biodiversity, as designated by the United Nations General Assembly.

The term “biological diversity” is derived from two words – “biological” meaning life and “diversity” meaning variety. Therefore, biological diversity refers to the variety found among living organisms on Earth. Currently, approximately 2.16 million species have been identified on our planet. These species range from complex plants and animals to microscopic organisms and other common organisms.

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Biological diversity holds special importance in our lives because all organisms are interconnected within an ecological system. When the diversity of organisms within an ecological system decreases, the functioning and ability of that system to sustain life also diminishes. There is still much work to be done in the field of biological diversity for all of us.

Munish Kumar

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