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How The Yogi Government Dismantled Atiq Ahmed’s Rs 1400 Cr Empire In 50 Days, Exposed Shell Companies, And Put A Stop To His Gang

When his son Asad Ahmed died after a police confrontation, Atiq Ahmed used the phrase “Hum Toh Mitti Mein Mil Gaye.” To put an end to Atiq’s group, the Yogi Adityanath administration has also dealt financial blows during the last 50 days.

According to UP government authorities, Atiq and his henchmen’s property and assets worth Rs 1,400 crore have been seized, and the police have found that these assets were obtained illegally. By revealing assets worth over Rs 100 crore and locating over 50 shell firms that Atiq and his gang used to convert their extortion-related black money into white money, the Enforcement Directorate has also inflicted a serious blow.

“In addition to a criminal empire, Atiq Ahmed’s business empire has also been destroyed during the last 50 days. He has two older sons who are also in jail, his third son Asad is deceased, and his two younger boys are in a juvenile home while his wife Shaista Parveen is missing, according to an official. His brother Ashraf Ahmed, who will spend the rest of his life in prison.

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As an example, 15 teams of the Enforcement Directorate have accelerated their money laundering investigation into Atiq and discovered assets worth an additional Rs 108 crore in addition to seizing property worth Rs 1,400 crore that belonged to him and his gang. More than 50 shell firms, which are fictitious businesses that seem to be held by someone else in the records but were really invested in by Atiq and his gang, were discovered in the documents found during the ED searches on Atiq’s home. All of these businesses were a part of the black money business network, and the ED dragnet has focused on a lawyer, Atiq’s accountant, a real estate developer, a former BSP Legislator, a builder, and the owner of a car dealership who were instrumental in managing Atiq’s “enterprise.”

All of these of Atiq’s close associates have been called in by ED to testify.

Prior to 2017, Atiq Ahmed has always been able to get bail and live in freedom despite having more than 100 active criminal charges against him. The initial case was really filed way back in 1979, but no government in UP was able to condemn him because either witnesses changed their testimonies or vanished.

The Yogi administration made sure that a vigorous prosecution was carried out in the case of the kidnapping of crucial witness Umesh Pal, which resulted in the first-ever conviction of Atiq Ahmed in the case last month and a life sentence. The Yogi Adityanath administration has put a stop to the political/gangster rule of the erstwhile Samajwadi Party, with the chief minister unequivocally demonstrating his word in the state legislature that “Iss Mafia Ko Hum Mitti Mein Mila Denge.”

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