Haritalika Teej Celebrations Bring Joy and Togetherness

Ghaziabad: Haritalika Teej, a festival celebrated by women of all ages, holds a special place in their hearts. On this day, women observe fasting, engage in prayers, and embrace various customs and traditions. One such tradition is the swinging of ‘jhula’ or swings, where women gather to swing together, singing folk songs and celebrating the festive spirit.

This year, the auspicious occasion of Haritalika Teej was celebrated with grandeur and enthusiasm on August 19th at SG Grand Society. The event witnessed women coming together to partake in the festivities, swaying on swings, and singing traditional songs that resonate with the essence of the festival. The event not only upheld the cultural significance of Haritalika Teej but also showcased the unity and joy shared among the women participants.

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