Ghaziabad Police and PFA Bust Chinese Manjha Racket, Apprehend Two for Illegal Sale

Ghaziabad : Ghaziabad Police and People For Animals (PFA), an animal welfare organization, apprehended two individuals involved in the illegal sale of Chinese Manjha (kite strings) in the Nandgram area of Ghaziabad. The authorities seized 20 spools of Chinese Manjha from their possession. Both suspects have been taken into custody.

Gaurav Gupta, an official from People For Animals, revealed that the sale of Chinese Manjha is prohibited by court order. Despite this restriction, the dangerous kite string was being sold in Ghaziabad, posing a threat to birds and wildlife in the area.

House Sale

Concerned about the impact of Chinese Manjha on the bird population, Abhishek from People For Animals posed as a customer and contacted the alleged sellers. The accused, identified as Vikas Kashyap and Akash Kashyap, were traced to their homes and subsequently apprehended by the police. The Chinese Manjha they possessed was confiscated.

The illegal sale of Chinese Manjha has been a persistent issue in various areas, leading to injuries and fatalities among birds and other flying creatures. The joint efforts of Ghaziabad Police and People For Animals in arresting the suspects demonstrate their commitment to enforcing the ban on this hazardous item.

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