Ganesh Hospital to Celebrate 27th Foundation Day on August 11th: Offers Cancer Treatment and Special Discounts

Ghaziabad: Ganesh Hospital is gearing up to celebrate its 27th Foundation Day on August 11th. Speaking about the occasion, Dr. Archana Sharma, Chairperson of Ganesh Hospital, highlighted that the hospital has been witnessing a significant rise in the number of cancer patients in Ghaziabad. She pointed out that the impact of this ailment is now extending beyond the older population and affecting the youth as well, owing to the modern, technology-driven lifestyle. Issues like mobile phone usage and radiation are contributing to the emergence of diseases like cancer.

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In light of this, Ganesh Hospital is taking a step forward in providing better healthcare facilities by initiating the establishment of an Oncology Department on its Foundation Day. Dr. Sharma mentioned that to make the Foundation Day special, the hospital’s Outpatient Department (OPD) services will be provided free of cost. Additionally, special discounts will be offered for cancer screenings.

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Dr. Sharma noted that while the hospital organizes various health camps from time to time, the establishment of Ganesh Hospital dates back to 1996 with the primary aim of delivering enhanced healthcare services to patients. Dr. Manisha Gupta, GM HR Viraj Kumar Singh, and Administrator Sanjay Kesarwani will also be present during the commemoration.

Cancer, a disease that has seen a surge in recent years, remains a significant concern. Ganesh Hospital’s initiative to offer cancer treatment and promote awareness through discounted screenings on its Foundation Day showcases its commitment to addressing this pressing health issue in the community.

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