Escape Attempt Foiled as Accused of Dowry Murder Case Tries to Flee by Throwing Chili Powder in constable’s Eyes

Accused from Teela Mod Area Arrested for Attempted Escape during Court Appearance

Ghaziabad : In a gripping courtroom scene, an accused individual embroiled in a dowry murder case made a daring bid for freedom during his court hearing after spending 13 months behind bars at Dasna Jail. However, his escape plan was foiled by vigilant constable’s and the timely assistance of those present in the courtroom.

Jahangir, the defendant currently facing charges related to dowry murder from Teela Mod, stood before the court for his ongoing trial. Shockingly, he hurled chili powder into a constable’s eyes, aiming to create chaos and flee amidst the ensuing confusion. Fortunately, the security personnel acted swiftly, preventing his escape.

Amidst the pandemonium caused by the chili powder attack, the constables, with the help of individuals in the vicinity, managed to apprehend Jahangir, restraining him immediately and taking him back into custody. The police are now pursuing necessary legal actions against him for attempting to evade justice.

This incident has sparked concerns regarding courtroom security arrangements and the safety of legal proceedings. Authorities have vowed to conduct a thorough investigation to prevent such incidents from recurring. Contemplation of enhanced security protocols and improved screening measures for courtroom attendees is underway.

Jahangir’s failed escape attempt has intensified the scrutiny surrounding his dowry murder case. The heinous crime that led to his initial arrest has deeply shocked the Teela Mod community, and this latest incident only compounds the gravity of the situation. As legal proceedings continue, the victim’s family eagerly awaits swift justice.

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The accused will now face additional charges for assaulting a constable and attempting to flee, which, if proven, may result in further penalties. The court is expected to expedite the trial process, considering the severity of the charges against Jahangir.

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