Device closure method used to close holes in hearts in the cardiology department of Medical College

Meerut: Dr. V.D. Pandey, the media coordinator of the Medical College in Meerut, reported that two children’s congenital heart defects in the cardiology department of the Medical College’s super specialty block were closed using device closures that clamp onto the holes rather than having them sewn shut. In medical terms, this disease is known as atrial septal defect, and it causes an excessive amount of blood flow to the lungs through the right side instead of the left side of the heart. On May 6th, Ayan, a 12-year-old resident of Ittefaq Nagar in Meerut, and on May 12th, Dhruvi, a 3.6-year-old child had their heart holes closed using the device closure under the supervision of Dr. Shashank Pandey, Dr. C.B. Pandey and Dr. Kanika Singhal. Both operations were successful, and the children have been given leave.

Dr. Shashank Pandey reported that Ayan’s treatment was covered under the Ayushman Bharat Yojana, and Dhruvi’s treatment was completed under the National Child Health Programme at no cost to their parents.

The Principal of the Medical College, Dr. R.C. Gupta, congratulated Dr. Shashank Pandey, Dr. C.B. Pandey, Dr. Kanika Singhal and their team for their successful operation.

Munish Kumar

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