Atul Pradhan Commences Hunger Strike Against Exploitation in Private Hospitals

Meerut: In protest against the alleged exploitation of patients and their families in the name of treatment by private hospitals, Samajwadi Party MLA Atul Pradhan initiated a hunger strike at the Collectorate premises, starting Monday afternoon under the previously announced program. Various organizations have gathered at the hunger strike site to express their support.

Atul Pradhan, a SP legislator, launched the hunger strike in Meerut against Neutima Hospital in Meerut. He, along with his supporters, commenced the hunger strike at the Collectorate. Earlier, banners related to this issue were displayed throughout the city, which were removed by the municipal team on Sunday.

The administration officials reportedly halted the individuals preparing meals for those sitting on the dharna (protest) initially, but after some time, permission was granted, and the microphone removed was returned. The hunger strike is receiving support from various sections of society, including district president Ankush Chaudhary, representatives from the Western UP Youth Advocacy Association, and former General Secretary Ramkumar Sharma.

Atul Pradhan claims that private hospitals are engaged in rampant looting. Rural residents are distressed by the exploitation of doctors. His fight is against doctors running private hospitals. He alleges that in several private hospitals in the city, medical treatment is provided with a code, and patients are charged four times the actual cost. The hunger strike has garnered widespread support from people.

Alleging that banners were removed from the direction of some BJP leaders, Atul says that he will always stand with the families of the victims. He will not allow the unfairness towards poor patients. It is worth noting that there was a dispute between Atul Pradhan and the management of Neutima Hospital over reducing the bill for a patient’s treatment. The hospital’s management has not mentioned this incident. The hunger strike in the Collectorate premises will be observed closely, with ample force deployed to maintain law and order. The administration will take strict action if the situation deteriorates. The notice period given to Neutima Hospital for action is ending today. No application has been filed by the hospital yet.

The BKU has also expressed support for Atul Pradhan. The organization’s Western Uttar Pradesh president, Sandeep Titoria, stated that all members of the organization would participate in the hunger strike along with Atul Pradhan. In addition, the National Jat Mahasabha’s national president, Sachin Saroha, and many other organizations will join the protest to show their support.

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