Arrest Made in Gram Panchi Incident: Kharkhoda Police Apprehends Wanted Suspects

Kharkhoda: The Kharkhoda Police Station has made significant progress in the recent incident that occurred in Gram Panchi. In relation to the case registered under sections 307/504/506/120B of the Indian Penal Code, a team from Kharkhoda Police Station arrested the wanted/main suspects today, based on an informant’s tip-off from the Panchi Underpass area within the jurisdiction of Kharkhoda.

The arrested suspects have been identified as follows:

  1. Sumit, son of Jeet Singh, aged 34, resident of Gram Panchi, Kharkhoda, Meerut.
  2. Brajkishor, also known as Bobby, son of Mangoo, aged 38, resident of Gram Panchi, Kharkhoda, Meerut.
  3. Ronik Kumar, son of Pawan Kumar, aged 26, resident of Gram Panchi, Kharkhoda, Meerut.
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The suspects have been involved in previous cases registered under sections 215/2023 of the Indian Penal Code, as well as sections 307/504/506/120B and sections 3/25/27 of the Arms Act at Kharkhoda Police Station, Meerut.

Details of the Recovered Items: Ronik, one of the arrested suspects, was found in possession of an illegal firearm (a 315 bore rifle) and two live cartridges. Additionally, in relation to the previously registered case, the following items were recovered:

  1. One .32 bore pistol with a magazine and five live cartridges.
  2. One 315 bore rifle with one live cartridge.

The arrested suspects will be presented before the honorable court in due time.

Arresting Team:

  1. Inspector Devendra Singh
  2. Sub-Inspector Lakshman Singh
  3. Constable Durvesh Kumar
  4. Constable Rajkumar
  5. Constable Dharmendra Singh
  6. Constable Krishna Kumar

Munish Kumar

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