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A Green Revolution Unfolds: IVS School of Art and Design Inspires Young Minds Towards Sustainability

  • Initiated by Aaryan Katyal, ‘Dharti’ – Environment Day, has now been instated as an annual social connect program of the IVS. 
  • The two-day event encompassed various engaging activities aimed at promoting environmental awareness and sustainability.

Noida: In a powerful demonstration of their commitment to environmental conservation, the IVS School of Art and Design recently hosted a two-day event that left an indelible mark on the young minds of its students. The event, held on 21st and 22nd July 2023, witnessed a convergence of eco-conscious activities that highlighted the importance of sustainable practices and the responsible management of waste.

On the first day of the event, the school played host to enlightening indoor activities, featuring talks by distinguished guests on sustainability and waste management. The audience was captivated by the insights shared by Unaeko on the urgency of adopting eco-friendly practices, while the Rise Foundation underscored the importance of managing waste responsibly.

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However, it was the mesmerizing street play, a “nukkad natak,” performed by IVS students that stole the spotlight. Their riveting performance not only entertained the crowd but also succeeded in spreading awareness about the root causes of environmental pollution and offered creative solutions to maintain a clean and green environment.

The students’ enthusiasm and dedication did not go unnoticed. Rupali Gaur, the CEO, graciously acknowledged their efforts, providing them with the much-needed recognition and motivation. Such appreciation proved pivotal in encouraging these young talents to keep striving for a better world.

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As the sun dawned on the second day, the IVS School of Art and Design took its commitment to another level with a plantation drive at the serene Mini Biodiversity Park in Sector 108, Noida. Collaborating with the NGO, SAFE Foundation, the school embraced the Miyawaki method to plant saplings, showcasing their unwavering commitment to preserving nature.

At the heart of this initiative were the school’s Chairman, Darpan Katyal, and Vice-Chairperson, Tulika Puri Katyal, who joined the students in the planting efforts, underscoring the institution’s dedication to its environmental initiatives.

The IVS School of Art and Design proudly stands as an industry-based design school, spreading its roots across multiple locations like Noida, Southex, Pitampura, and Preet Vihar. Their emphasis on providing practical and real-world exposure to students is evident in their involvement in such programs. By nurturing a deep understanding of nature and sustainable practices, the school inspires its students to incorporate eco-consciousness into their future design ideas and creative endeavors.

The impact of the event on the students was profound, instilling a newfound sense of environmental consciousness within them. The experience spurred them to adopt sustainable practices in their creative pursuits, leading the way for a generation that values and prioritizes environmental responsibility.

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Events like these serve as catalysts in cultivating an environmentally aware and responsible generation, and IVS School of Art and Design deserves accolades for spearheading this green revolution. As they continue to nurture young minds with an appreciation for nature, sustainability, and creativity, they pave the way for a brighter and greener future.

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