This Boy Is the Nostradamus of The New Age!

A PROPHET dubbed the ‘living Nostradamus’ has issued more terrifying predictions – including a warning over an imminent zombie apocalypse

There have been many prophets in the world whose predictions are still believed by people today. The names Baba Vaenga and Nostradamus of Bulgaria are included in the famous prophets. Now a Brazilian prophet is being compared to Nostradamus (Nostradamus Predictions 2022) and he is said to be the Nostradamus of this era. His name is Athos Salome whose many prophecies have come true.

Brazilian prophet Athos Salome has claimed that the coronavirus pandemic, Elon Musk’s Twitter deal attempt, and Queen Elizabeth II’s death were foretold. Along with this, Athos had already told about Elon Musk’s humanoid robot. Now Athos has given a very frightening warning and they claim that the Third World War has started. Let us know what prophecies have been made by Athos, the new age of Nostradamus.

The prophet Athos Salome claims that the Third World War has begun after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. But Athos Salome is criticized by many and described as a boxer. On this criticism of the people, he says that I do not consider myself a prophet. Also, I do not believe in this.

He claims that his skill is also considered by science. He said that a technical analysis of his and his list of predictions has been done in which no trick was found.

Athos Salome says that at the age of 12 he realized that he was completely different from other people. He said that he likes to talk about events over which he has no control. He said that he doubts himself. He said that sometimes he says something which is not possible, but later it turns out to be true. He says that his ability is God’s blessing. He said that every human being is made of a part of God and hence he is also half God.

Know the Prediction

He believes that he has been sent into the world to help people. He said that he has got the power to tell the future in his gift. He can tell what people are looking for in life. He claims that the corona epidemic was predicted in the year 2012. He had declared war between Ukraine and Russia 44 days earlier.

Athos wrote the predictions for 2022 on 28 March 2021. He has written that robots will be made to replace humans. He claims that he was also informed about the death of Queen Elizabeth. Athos has claimed that the third world war will start in the year 2022 itself.

While his visions often warn of impending doom, Athos has said he instead intends his prophecies to be used for good, so authorities have time to react to the incoming danger.

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