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Construction of Viaduct Completed in Priority Section, NCRTC Gearing up for the Trial Runs

Ghaziabad: The construction of the Viaduct on the 17 km long Priority Section of the Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut RRTS corridor has been completed, today, 21 October 2022. The last segment of the girder was lifted and placed on the pillar by the launching gantry (Tarini) and with that, the viaduct of the Priority Section from Sahibabad to Duhai has been completed. This is an important step towards the operations of the RRTS trains.

The last segment of this viaduct is placed near the Duhai RRTS station. The preparations for the trial run of RRTS trains in the Priority Section are also in the last stage.

The construction work in the Priority Section, from Sahibabad to the Duhai Depot, is being done in two packages. Package 1 consists of the section from Sahibabad to Ghaziabad station and the construction of the viaduct has already been completed in this part. Package-2 covers the area from Ghaziabad station to Duhai Depot. The construction of the viaduct in this package has also been completed today.

Track laying, OHE, and signalling work are also progressing at pace on the viaduct. So far, about 27 track kilometres (about 13.5 km of the viaduct) work and about 35% of OHE installation work have been completed.

Construction in this section is full of engineering challenges. The team, with their strategic planning and use of advanced technologies, is overcoming these challenges and it is due to the perseverance and diligence of the team that the project is coming along in a scheduled manner, despite two waves of the pandemic.

Four special steel spans have also been installed in the Priority Section. Of these, 73 meters long special span has been installed on the main railway line at Vasundhara, 150 meters long steel span near Ghaziabad station, and two 45-meter-long steel spans have been installed for the RRTS viaduct towards Duhai Depot.

NCRTC is gearing up to commence the trial runs of RRTS trains in the Priority Section by the end of next month. Two RRTS trainsets have reached Duhai Depot from the manufacturing plant at Savli, Gujarat, and at present, various dynamic and static testing are being carried out on these. NCRTC has also successfully completed the dynamic testing of the RRTS trainset with the European Train Control System (ETCS) Level 2 signalling system over LTE communication network, recently.

NCRTC aims to commence the RRTS operations in the Priority Section by March next year and operations in the entire corridor is targeted in the year 2025.ration in the entire corridor is targeted in the year 2025.

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