Was Queen Elizabeth A Descendant of The Prophet and What Is Her Connection to The Muslim Religion?

Was Britain’s Queen Elizabeth a Muslim? A new debate has started on the Queen, who ruled Britain for 70 years. The reason for this debate is the letter in which this matter was mentioned. The letter in which this information has been given is related to a publication named John Burke. John began the work of publishing the genealogy of Britain’s royal family and aristocracy in 1826.

To prepare the genealogy, John kept the history of the ancestor’s layer after layer. In the early stages, genealogies were described as collections of interesting stories, but gradually people became interested in them. John’s publication was the most discussed because of a letter. One day the director of John’s Publications got a letter. It was written in the letter that very few people of Britain know that the blood of Prophet Mohammed is running in the veins of Queen Elizabeth II.

What was written in that letter?
At the beginning of that letter, it was said that the claim of the royal family to be the descendants of Prophet Muhammad to keep themselves safe from terrorists cannot be relied upon, however, all Muslim religious leaders are proud of this. In 2018, a report published in a Moroccan newspaper also claimed that the Queen had a connection with the Prophet. The report said that Queen Elizabeth belongs to the 43rd generation of the Prophet’s daughter Fatima. That is, their descendants.

What is the connection of the queen with the lineage of the prophet, now understand it
The connection of the case was told to a woman named Zaida. Its whole story starts in the Spanish city of Seville. There was a period when the rule of the Abbasi dynasty started here. The third king of this dynasty was Muhammad ibn Abbas. He ruled from 1069 to 1091. They were said to be descendants of Fatima, the daughter of Prophet Muhammad. Muhammad ibn Abbas had a daughter named Zayda.

There was also a period when the Almoravido rulers of Morocco attacked the Abbasi Empire. Things got so bad that Zayda had to leave the country to save her life. She came to Alphonso VI to take shelter. Alfonso VI, the ruler of León, Castile, and Galicia, took possession. For this, Zaida had to change his religion to become a Christian.

Historian and bishop Pelagius Oviedo says that Zayda became the concubine of Alfonso VI. Both had a child named Sancho. The descendants of Sancho were married into the family of King Edward III of England, and Elizabeth was born from the same lineage. In this way, the connection of the queen’s lineage with the Abbasi dynasty was added.

There is also a story related to Zaida
Another story related to wealth has also been told in history. According to Muslim historians, she was the daughter-in-law of the Abbasi dynasty. Who was married to Abu al-Fatih, son of al-Mohammed ibn Abbas? Her husband died in the attack of Almoravido, she had reached Alfonso to take refuge.

What happened when this word spread in the world?
According to historian David Starkey, there have been close ties between the Spanish royal family and the Islamic regime in the presence of Zaida. The connection between the lineage of Queen Elizabeth and the Prophet Mohammed cannot be overlooked.

When this news was published in the Moroccan newspaper, there was an uproar. Some were delighted and some were surprised. Those who expressed happiness said, there is the blood of Muslims in the royal family of Britain. At the same time, those who expressed their displeasure said that the Muslim society now wants to make inroads in Britain through this news.

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