Country Delight: This Company Directly Delivers the Produce of Farmers to The Customers, Supply Chain Spread In 11 States

New Delhi : The market for fresh food and cereals is growing rapidly in the country, which is expected to cross $ 50 billion by 2025. More than 60 percent of the fresh food market in the country falls in the unorganized sector and the number of cold storage for this large quantity is very less. The logistics chain of this sector is also chaotic. There is a huge gap in product quality in the entire supply chain. A company named Country Delight is taking a big step in this direction. It is the first company that has started a supply chain equipped with DNA and technology to meet all the challenges in this sector.

Country Delight is providing a new option by removing all the difficulties that have been going on in the Indian food market since time immemorial. The company believes that on one hand there is a very unorganized sector whose quality is beyond trust and confidence. On the other hand, there is an organized sector, but it is almost missing the natural properties of food items. To address both these issues, Country Delight claims that it has adopted modalities keeping in mind the consumers. This has been done so that natural, fresh and minimally processed food items can be delivered to the people using technology-based methods. And this work is complete with the link between the farmers to the consumers so that the farm produce can be delivered to the customer’s home in a single day.

What is Country Delight
Now let’s know about Country Delight. This company ‘Direct to Home Consumer Brand’ delivers natural food items from farmers to customers’ doorstep. Country Delight i.e., CD started its work with the supply of fresh milk first. This company executes 80 lakh deliveries every month in 15 states of the country. The chain of milk supply is spread in 11 states. In the last three years, this company has grown 10 times and now it is on a turnover of 900 crores.

Who started Country Delight?
Country Delight or CD was started by Chakradhar Gade in 2013. Gade is the CEO and co-founder of this company while Nitin Kaushal is the chief operating officer and co-founder. Both of them are batchmates of IIM Indore and studied together in the 2005-07 session. Before starting Country Delight, the two worked together in the investment and banking sectors. Country Delight was established in 2017.

Delivery in 24 to 36 hours
Country Delight is playing a leading role in the D2C companies to date. This company supplies dairy, fruits, and vegetables to the doorstep of the customers. The business model of this company is that within 24 to 36 hours fresh delivery should be done at the customer’s doorstep. For this, the company has established a one-time supply chain model.

The company connects directly with the farmers of the country and delivers their products to the customers. Farmers from 11 states of the country are directly connected with Country Delight and this is also helping in increasing the income of the farmers. The income of farmers is being increased satisfactorily along with productivity growth. Country Delight claims that the income of the farmers associated with it has increased by 50-60%.

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