Kashi’s ‘wood’ Art Wooed Krishna Devotees In Singapore-Spain, And More Than 80 Artists Engaged In Fulfilling The Demand

Varanasi : This year Krishna Janmashtami will be celebrated on the 19th of August. Janmashtami is celebrated not only in India but in many countries of the world these days. The important thing is that even foreign believers who are immersed in Krishna devotion are demanding wooden toys from Banaras to decorate the tableau of Janmashtami. Due to this, on the one hand, the wooden toy industry of Kashi has got a boost. At the same time, new employment opportunities are also being created. Varanasi, the city of Shiva, is in discussion all over the world for its wooden products. Wood products are being liked a lot not only in the country but also abroad for the tableau to be decorated on Janmashtami.

The truth is that after coming under the GI tag and ODOP product category, the wooden toy industry of Banaras is getting a new flight. Women associated with this industry are also getting employment in large numbers. The wooden toy industry of Banaras is getting bigger day by day. The skill of the wood craftsmen here is amazing that you will get the complete material of 45 pieces engraved on wood to decorate the tableau on Janmashtami. Wooden Laddu Gopal is also well-liked, which is a unique example of the skill of handicraftsmen. With this, you can decorate the entire tableau of Janmashtami. It has been made more beautiful by dyeing it with natural colors.

Orders are being received from many countries including Singapore and Spain
Orders are coming for it from all the states including Gujarat, Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai, and even from many countries including Singapore and Spain. For the last three months, more than 80 craftsmen are engaged in fulfilling its demand, mostly women. Bihari Lal Aggarwal, who is associated with the wooden toy industry, says that the almost extinct wooden toy industry has got a new position due to the efforts of PM Modi and UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. Its demand has also increased in the country and abroad, due to which this art and the craftsmen associated with it have got a new life.

The wooden toy industry is growing internationally due to the efforts of PM-CM
Varanasi’s Joint Commissioner of Industries Umesh Singh said that due to the efforts of PM and UP CM Yogi Adityanath, the market of the wooden toy industry of Varanasi is growing internationally. The government is running large-scale training programs for packaging and marketing from time to time, as well as providing new markets by holding national-level exhibitions.

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