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Noida : Vastu has special importance in Sanatan Dharma. It is mandatory to follow Vastu rules while building a house. If you are careless, there will be instability in life. By following Vastu rules, happiness, prosperity and peace remain in the house. For this, astrologers always recommend following Vastu rules at the time of house construction. If you are also going to build a house, then definitely follow these rules of Vastu.

If you are going to get the house built, then after consulting the local pandit, find out the auspicious date. After this, after worshiping on the specified date, the house construction work can be started.

Divide the length of the house into nine equal parts. Leaving five parts on the right and three parts on the left, the main door should be made in the remaining part. Make an entrance on the right side to exit the house.

Keep only one door to enter the house. According to Vastu Shastra, three doors at the main entrance of the house is not auspicious. North and East direction is better for entering the house.

Do not plant sycamore, pakar etc trees outside the house in the north direction. This causes eye diseases. Also, do not plant plum, banana, peepal and pomegranate trees in the house. Due to this the prosperity of the house disappears.

It is auspicious to have the main door of the house in the north or east direction. Do not give the door in the south direction. This brings negative energy into the house.

Jupiter Dev resides in the north-east direction of the house. For this, keep the house of worship in the north-east direction. Keep the face of the deities in the temple in the east direction. ,

Agnidev resides in the southeast direction of the house. For this, keep it in the south-east direction in the kitchen.

Apart from the vastu guidelines offered above, there are some more notes that you need to follow for having a good vastu for house.

  • Each direction is subdivided into 8-9 segments, known as pada. After finalizing the direction for placing the main entrance, you need to know which pada is most ideal for you to place it in.
  • The central space of the home is called as the Brahmasthan (the space of Brahma). Make sure to keep this space free, cause when the energies channel throughout the space, it constructs ideal vastu for house.
  • In case you are going to buy a plot, never purchase one which is sloped from south to north. It is a severe vastu defect and can bring many catastrophic results.
  • In case of vastu for staircase, its orientation is also crucial, apart from its position with respect to directional zone. Its orientation refers to whether it is to be made clockwise or counter-clockwise.

These are in-general ideal guidelines for vastu for house a home of average size. You need more guidance in case you live in a multi-storied home, for the various other sections, like the placement of garden, parking lot, penthouse and so on.

It is best to get recommendations for complete vastu for house from an expert vastu specialist through personal consultation.

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