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62 year old cyclist is pedaling to spread awareness on water conservation

Meerut : Subhash Chandra Bishnoi travelled 18,200 kms across India on a cycle to spread awareness to promote water conservation.  Braving shine and intermittent drizzle en route, 62  years old Subhash is on a country wide cycle expedition to create awareness among the public on pressing issues of water conservation.

Started his journey on January 27, 2021

Subhash began his cycle expedition on January 27, 2021 from Haryana and reached Meerut today after covering  Rajasthan , Punjab, Rajasthan, UP, Bihar, Nepal, West Bengal, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Kerala, Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra, Gujarat  A native Hissar, Haryana has taken up the challenge to spread awareness on water conservation after getting inspired by PM Narendra Modi initiative of Jal Jeevan Mission launched on August 15, 2019 .

After the retirement from government service 62-year-old Bishnoi started this initiative to spread awareness on water conservation. He has covered 18 states in 17 months. His cycle has covered 18,200 km.

Subhash said, “My sole aim of cycle ride is to spread awareness on water and nature conservation. Water conservation is the need of the hour about which the people should be really conscious and use these resources judiciously for the generations to come.

“Since we’re facing a range of issues owing to  pollution and water scarcity, I am on the cycle expedition to create awareness among the public on these crucial issues that have direct impact on everyone of us.

Subhash Bishnoi is retired from the Marketing Board as Mandi Supervisor. Now he cycle continuously to give message to the society. Subhash says that after retiring from the department in 2020, he thought of joining an NGO and running a campaign to promote water conservation. Under this, he thought of cycling and set out on a bicycle journey across the country.

Subhash has been riding for the past 17 months and completed 18,200 kms covering 21 states of India and 3 states of Nepal. He is very excited about traveling to other states in the coming months.


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