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UP Minister Dinesh Khatik, resigned from the Yogi cabinet, said – No one heeds to my order because I am from Dalit Community

  • यूपी सरकार में मंत्री दिनेश खटीक ने इस्तीफा भेजा
  • गृहमंत्री अमित शाह को पत्र लिखकर इस्तीफा भेजा
  • जलशक्ति विभाग के अफसरों पर लगाए गंभीर आरोप
  • मुझे विभाग की बैठक में भी नहीं बुलाया जाता- खटीक
  • ‘सिंचाई और जलशक्ति में तबादलों में भ्रष्टाचार हुआ’
  • अनिल गर्ग ने मेरा फोन काट दिया – दिनेश खटीक
  • ‘अनिल गर्ग ने मंत्री और जनप्रतिनिधि का अपमान किया
  • दलित होने के नाते मेरे साथ विभाग में भेदभाव होता है
  • नमामि गंगे के तहत विभाग में बहुत बड़ा भ्रष्टाचार है
  • जलशक्ति विभाग की जांच किसी एजेंसी से कराई जाए
  • दलित समाज को अफसर सम्मान नहीं देते हैं – दिनेश खटीक

Meerut : UP minister Dinesh Kathik resigns. In his resignation letter sent to union home minister Amit Shah,  Khatik claims officials don’t pay heed to his orders as he hails from Dalit community. Also raises allegation of corruption in transfer/posting.

Khatik alleged that he was not given any work in the ministry, no one paid any heed to orders given by him or provided any information he asked, and he was allotted a car “for the sake of being a state minister”.

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He alleged corruption in transfers in his department. The minister has also claimed that when he asked about it, he was not given any information by the department officials. The minister claimed the principal secretary of his department doesn’t listen to him on the phone and hangs up. The minister has also alleged corruption in the Namami Gange scheme.

It is being told that Khatik is upset over the neglect by his cabinet minister Swatantradev Singh and departmental officials. It is discussed that Khatik did not attend the meeting of ministers on Tuesday.

Minister Dinesh Khatik wrote in his letter, “The BJP government has been formed due to the relentless hard work and efficient leadership of PM Modi, National President JP Nadda and Amit Shah to take along the Dalits and backwards. I was made Jalshakti Minister with a Chief Minister with honest image. In which the entire Dalit community is happy. But being the Minister of State for the Dalit community in the Department of Jal Shakti, no action is taken on any of my orders nor is it called in any meeting. Nor is it informed that what schemes are running in the department. What action is being taken against them? Due to which there is no concrete information about the department.

He further said, “The officers of the concerned department only understand the right of the minister to provide the vehicle. There has been a lot of corruption in the transfer session in this department. The information was not received for several days. The principal secretary Irrigation disconnected the phone without listening to my whole story. He was not listening to me. Due to my being a Dalit, there is discrimination in the department. I did not get any rights. Due to this the letter is not even answered. There is a lot of corruption in Namami Gange. Whenever this complaint is made, no action is taken on it. Officers inside UP are insulting Dalits. Being a minister of state, I have no existence in the department. being hurt by this, I hereby tender my resignation.

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