Doctor’s Shocking Claim, The Alien Kidnapped, Put Mysterious Power In The Brain

Strange claims are made about aliens all over the world. From time to time, new theories about aliens keep coming out. Many times people have claimed to have seen aliens and UFOs on Earth. Many times such claims are made, knowing about which scientists are also surprised. Do aliens exist in the universe? No one has any solid evidence for this.

Scientists have been researching the existence of aliens for years, but they have not got any success so far. But shocking claims are definitely made about aliens. Now in the meantime, a person has made a strange claim. Dr. Louis Turi has claimed that he and his wife were abducted by aliens. They say that the aliens took away both of them in the year 1991.

Dr. Louis Turi claims that the aliens put a helmet on his head after abducting him. He wanted to assess the mysteries of the world and the things to which he had cast strength. After this, he has made such a claim, knowing about which your senses will be blown away.

He claimed that the child was growing in the womb of his wife Brigitte, which Alien took out by cutting the stomach, but he planted something that immediately attached to the stomach. Dr. Turi claims that he foretold many events in the world including the 9/11 attacks.

Dr. Turi has told these things in a documentary. He says that the American investigative agency FBI also took him for investigation. The investigating agency believed that he too was involved in the attack. Even before Dr. Lewis Turi, many people have made shocking claims about aliens.

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In the documentary ‘Contact: A Conversation with Dr. Turi,’ he said that I thought I was touched by God. He still does not understand whether he has got a curse or a boon. He says that because I have got such power from which I can make concrete predictions. Dr. Turi went to America from France in the year 1984. He has predicted that due to any natural calamity, a large number of people may have to migrate. Dr. Turi claims that he has the power to heal himself. He claims that he has also cured his cancer with powers. Along with this, he has also claimed to have seen four UFOs.

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