Global chart topper Vineet returns with a trilogy of singles Love Punch

Noida : After a world record, multiple chartbusters and a No.1 bestseller Nine (on debut) book meets music albums, the trendsetting-topper Vineet, is back with yet another interesting concept. He’s set to release a trilogy of singles titled ‘Love Punch’ June through July 2022, three singles of three different genres covering different facets of love, starting with Dee Da Da Da (Love Is You Game) on June 28th.

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For someone who started on this creative journey just a little over two years ago, it’s been quite a ride so far but this blazer of trails & shatterer of glass ceilings doesn’t believe in keeping things predictable. Vineet Singh Hukmani is the first Asian/Indian to achieve a series of accomplishments on global radio charts in 2021, along with multiple Grammy submissions, among the other achievements that his releases have brought him recently. The genre-agnostic artist has not only been receiving decent airplay on global radio platforms but has also proven his mettle by securing top slots across different regions & genre charts — from pop and indie, to rock funk & hip-hop.

This time the genre-bender has trained his sights on 3 new genres, starting with House Electronic global dance track Dee Da Da Da (Love Is Your Game) which is inspired by the collective return to clubs, gyms, and dance-floors post the covid19-based lull. The global dance anthem Dee Da Da… is the first of his summer trifecta of genre-hopping releases that is the Love Punch trilogy. Depicting various shades of love in summer playlist-friendly genres, all the three singles will be released in the span of 45 days.

“Each genre I have explored in my tryst with the world record for 9 number 1 singles, last year, has made me want to delve into newer genres and find my inner self through them. This year the house/dance genre beckoned as it allows your spirit and body to dance even if you are emotionally tangled. De Da Da Da (Love Is Your Game) made me put it out there, both musically and visually, with my first music video, (though a DIY style) in 2 years! I look forward to more unique genres of global music, calling out to me, to try them on,” says Vineet.

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The Love Punch trilogy follows the success of radio veteran’s disruptive album concept titled ‘Nine’. A thrilling book with a soundtrack, Nine hit number 1 on Amazon’s bestseller on debut list and won praise both as a novel concept as well as a book. Nine: 9 thrilling stories. 9 Optimistic songs are the artist’s attempt to make his music more immersive for his audience. The QR codes are embedded with each of the stories with titles inspired by the track names: Nine, Dreaming Out Loud, Turning Back Time, Hurry, So New, I Pray, Where’s The Fun, Party From Home, and Jab The World.

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