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No rollback of Agnipath recruitment scheme: Lt Gen Anil Puri

“If named in FIR, doors r closed 4 them. Agnipath will not be rolled back, amendment possible.” ~Lt Gen Arun Puri

New Delhi : Amidst the ongoing protests in many parts of the country against the Agneepath scheme brought for recruitment in the army, the army officers held a press conference on Sunday and tried to allay the fears of the youth. During this, the military officers also answered many questions asked by the reporters. Military officials said that the army will not leave the Agniveers alone. Lt Gen Anil Puri, Additional Secretary, Dept of Military Affairs, on Sunday clarified the scheme will be implemented and there is no question of a rollback. He also clarified that all recruitment will be through the Agnipath scheme only. Lt Gen Puri was addressing a joint military briefing on the Agnipath recruitment scheme with Air Marshal SK Jha, Vice Admiral Dinesh Tripathi, and LG C Bansi Ponnappa. Let’s know 10 big things about this press conference …

The army’s bluntness to the violators

Lt Gen Anil Puri said that some coaching institutes are instigating the students to protest. Anyone who wants to join Agniveer with us will take a pledge that he has not participated in any demonstration or sabotage… No one can enter the army without police verification. So the protesting students are requested not to waste their time.

Do not leave those who join the army alone

Military officials said that the Indian Army never leaves those who join the army alone. We always takes care of our soldiers. Similarly, the army will also take care of the Agniveers. The officials also made it clear that all the recruitments will be under this scheme. The first batch of 25 thousand Agniveers will be inducted into the army in December.

there will be no discrimination

Lt Gen Anil Puri also informed that Agniveers who sacrificed their lives in the service of the country will get a compensation of Rs 1 crore. There will be no discrimination against Agniveers in terms of service. They will get the same allowances and facilities in Siachen and other areas as are applicable to regular soldiers. There will be no discrimination in living and respect for them. At present, Agniveer will get more than what the regular jawans are getting.

Many benefits will be available after four years

Additional Secretary, Department of Military Affairs, Lt Gen Arun Puri said that the question is being asked time and again whether, after four years, about 17,600 people are taking premature retirement from the three services every year. No one ever tried to ask him what he would do after retirement. Agniveers will get many benefits after service.

aging is worrying

The military officer said that the aging of the armed forces is worrying. The Kargil Review Committee had also pointed this out. The three army chiefs and former CDS together looked at the average age of armies of other countries. A detailed discussion has been done and studied before bringing this scheme.

Strength, passion, and passion in the new generation

On behalf of the Ministry of Defense, Lt Gen Arun Puri raised the question of whether it is a good idea that the army protecting the country should be 32 years old… the new generation is better than us. He also has strength, passion, and passion. They also knows technology better. This is the reason that this new recruitment system has been brought for a radical change in the army.

The way of fighting has changed

At present, the way of fighting has changed. It has become completely dependent on technology. New technology has arrived. For this, it is necessary that our jawan should be ready for such a fight. We need youth zeal in the army. We also need consciousness along with passion.

This plan will not be withdrawn

There is no need to withdraw the Agneepath scheme, nor will it be withdrawn. The question is, why now… Our answer is that after the corona epidemic, this is the best time to implement it… The process of change in the army is going on since 1989. The average age of the army is 32 years, which we aim to bring down to 26. “Coming to the rollback of the scheme. Why should it be rolled back? It is the only progressive step to making the country young. Why is it being made young? We are tinkering with Desh ki Raksha (national security). There is no space. I will give you an example. Do you know how many casualties are reported just for health purposes from high-altitude areas? Do read about it, then you would come to know why being (sic) young is important,” the officer said.
Calling this reform ‘long-pending’, Lt Gen Puri said, “We want a mix of josh and hosh and that is why we wanted to reduce the age profile. The average age is 32 years at present and we want to reduce it as per the recommendations of the Kargil review committee and Arun Singh committee report,” Lt Gen Puri said.
Referring to the provisions of reservations in different ministries, Lt Gen Puri said that announcements were pre-planned and not in reaction to the arson and agitation which took place after the Agnipath scheme announcement. He also clarified that all recruitment will be through the Agnipath scheme only.

The recruitment process started in the Navy

At the same time, Vice Admiral DK Tripathi of the Navy said that we have started our recruitment process. Our advertisement will reach the broadcasting ministry by June 25. The recruitment process will start within a month. Our first Agniveer will report at our training institute on 21st November. We are also taking women Agniveers in the Navy. Work has already started for the amendments to be made in our training for that.

The recruitment process will start in the Air Force on June 24

Air Marshal SK Jha said that the process of taking the first batch of Agniveers will start in the Indian Air Force on June 24. This is an online system. Accordingly, the registration will start on it. A month later, on July 24, Phase-I online examinations will start. By the end of December, the first batch of Agniveer will be inducted into the Air Force. The training of the batch will start before 30th December.

No space for arson, vandalism in military

On the protests and acts of violence happening across the country, Lt General Puri said, “Indian Army’s foundation is discipline. No space for arson, vandalism. Every individual will have to take a pledge that they were not part of protests or vandalism”. He said that the individual against whom an FIR is lodged would not be allowed to join the forces. All candidates will have to give a written pledge that they did not indulge in any arson/violence, he added.

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