When The Father Was Blindfolded To Teach Daughter To Read

Raipur : Aparna Sachdev, a blind student in the Fafadih area, has brought laurels to the entire city including her parents by securing 96.8 percent marks in the CBSE Class XII examination. If there is a natural challenge in front of the child and he gets the full support from the parents, then the challenge definitely becomes small.

Behind this stupendous success of Aparna, her father also had great dedication. To teach the child to read, he first felt the dark world in which his daughter was struggling for education by blindfolding himself and then being a father, prepared such a way for the daughter so that the destination of her beloved would be easy. Aparna, a student of NH Goyal School, has become an example for lakhs of blind students by getting better marks in the examination through a laptop.

first studied in braille

Somehow, Aparna studied Braille till the eighth grade, but for further studies, experts could not be found for Braille in the school. Even in such a situation, his father Dinesh did not give up. The spirit of teaching and raising the girl child got encouragement when CBSE issued a circular allowing blind children to read and take examinations in voice computer as well.

Dinesh brought the voice computer home and first started writing with his own blindfold on. When he was successful in writing, then also taught Aparna. Dinesh says that circumstances are not odd, our thinking is odd. If you have the will, everything is possible. He said that I am not at all sad that my daughter cannot see. Mother Sangeeta says that when she traveled all over the country, she saw that there is no light in the eyes of lakhs of children, then gathered courage and everything became normal.

When schools refused to give admission

Aparna’s father Dinesh Sachdev has his own small oil industry. Mother Sangeeta Sachdev is a housewife. When the family remembers old things about Aparna, they get a little disappointed. It is about the time when Aparna was five years old. The parents had tried to get admission to the normal school itself, but the schools refused.

Schools objected that your daughter could not see, who will manage her ? The parents said that it is our responsibility to take care of the girl child. Eventually, the girl got the support of Prerna Sansthan in the capital. Through this, she also learned to study Braille script. Later learned to type and studied on a voice laptop. Now she herself studies by downloading study material from the internet.

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Aparna aspires to become an IAS

Apart from her studies, she is also proficient in singing and music. She has studied music from Kamala Devi Sangeet Mahavidyalaya in the city. She also plays the guitar very well. Aparna tells Local Post that she never felt blind in her family.

Her goal is to become an IAS. She gives the credit of her success to her parents, teacher, and her exam time reader Soundarya Rathore along with regular two hours of studies. Apart from this, Prachi, Komal, and Rabina has also supported their friend Aparna.

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