Mumbai : ESCAYPE LIVE – showing the reality of today’s era of social media. Now, everyone wants to become a star, wants to earn fame, and wants millions of fan following. The youth is more guiding toward the virtual world and escaping from the reality. The Darkie, the fiction character of this web series can kill someone who is in the competition with him. The school girl, looks very sincere in school and in front of her parents but shows boldness on social media to become famous. The exact web series you can watch on Disney+ Hotstar but I want to give an idea about today’s era of social media and addiction to fame.. The youth who never ever made reels are scrolling reels or wanna make short videos or reels similar to them. 80% youth, who can not open to anyone, and can not share feelings to anyone, want always make reels or putting status on social media to express their feelings.

The trailer of Disney Plus Hotstar’s Escaype Live, starring Siddharth, Jaaved Jaaferi and Shweta Tripathi Sharma among others, has just dropped. Set in the landscape of contemporary India, the series explores the different journeys of six people, as they struggle to win fame and fortune via a social media app called Escaype Live which promises big money to the winning contestant. The idea is for these content creators, with different paths but one goal, is to produce viral content and emerge victorious in a life-changing competition announced by Escaype Live. The competition gets intense and the stakes get higher. People will go to any length to achieve instant fame and fortune, and they use social media as a means of making quick money.

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There’s nothing wrong with it, but it has a darker side that focuses on how these apps work, and it’s clear from the beginning of the show that “it’s a business of entertainment, and business comes before entertainment.” The show follows both app developers, who are purely business-oriented, and content creators, who may struggle to create engaging content that will capture people’s attention.

However, the lines between virtual and reality begin to blur as contestants take some drastic steps to win. Going by the trailer, the show promises to be racy, thrilling and full of twists, as people lose all sense of themselves by the end.

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