Uttar Pradesh : PCS Officer who was shot 7 times for exposing Rs.83 cr scholarship scam clears UPSC exam

Rinku Singh Rahi said that public interest is important for me. If there is ever a conflict between self-interest and public interest, I will choose public interest. He hails from Aligarh of Uttar Pradesh. In 2008, he had busted a scam of 83 crores in scholarship in Muzaffarnagar.

Meerut : If the intentions are strong then no obstacle can stop the way. Rinku Singh Rahi, a resident of Dori Nagar in Aligarh, has done something similar. Rinku Singh, presently posted as Social Welfare Officer in Hapur, has succeeded in clearing the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination in the 13th attempt and became IAS.

When Rinku Singh became a PCS officer, his first posting was in Muzaffarnagar. The young officer had the spirit of morality and honesty. He saw that the scholarship scam of Rs 100 crore was going on indiscriminately. He exposed the scam.

While playing badminton at his residence in 2008 he was indiscriminately fired by assailants, Seven bullets entered his body. Three of them were on his face. Face deteriorated. One eye kept going. One ear is gone. But Rinku survived. When he returned after four months in the hospital, he decided there was a need to increase his strength. This power can be increased by securing a better position in the administration. He started preparing for UPSC.

Eight people were arrested among those who opened fire on Rinku with intent to kill. Four of them were sentenced to 10 years each. Rinku Rahi had to go through a lot of painful experiences in this struggle. He says that “I was not fighting the system, the system was fighting me!”

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Now Rinku Rahi has been selected in UPSC. He has secured a rank of 683. Earlier in 2004, he had passed the provincial civil services examination. Rinku says that he finds it difficult to find time for his studies but he was determined to resolve. He said that public interest is important to me. If there is ever a conflict between self-interest and public interest, I will choose public interest.

Rinku’s life story is an example of a unique achievement by fighting to the death and then fighting the system. It has great scope for wondrous explanation for the believer and the devout mind, but on the other hand it also has an indomitable motivation to fight for honesty by challenging death.

Munish Kumar

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