Blood donation at Gaur Cascades, Raj Nagar Extension

हमारी सोसाइटी गौर कैसकेड्स के क्लबहाउस में एम एम जी चिकित्सालय गाजियाबाद द्वारा आयोजित स्वेच्छिक रक्तदान शिविर में 33 निवासियों ने रक्तदान करते हुये अपना सहयोग दिया।

एम एम जी चिकित्सालय गाजियाबाद द्वारा रक्तदान करने वाले सभी व्यक्तियों को प्रशस्ति-पत्र दिये गये।

GCBOM आप सभी के द्वारा किये गये सहयोग के लिये धन्यवाद करता है।

Anuj Rathi, Gaur Cascades, BOM, Raj Nagar Extension

Ghaziabad : A voluntary blood donation-cum-awareness programme was organised on Sunday by MMG Hospital, Ghaziabad in collaboration with AOA Gaur Cascades , Raj nagar Extension.

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A statement in this regard informed that the blood donation programme, which was organised on the society premises, was attended by the residents as well as the staff.

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“Altogether 52 volunteers registered for blood donation out of which 33 donated the blood. During the programme, the speakers for the day spoke about the key issues concerning health and motivated the gathering to donate blood from time to time.

President Anuj Rathi said that blood is not made in any factory or laboratory. Only human can give blood to human being, so every healthy person should donate blood. He appealed to the youth to donate blood.

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Secretary Sanjeev Malik, Anuj Sharma, Anil Khanna, Sumit Jain, Aruna Khanna and others had special cooperation in organising the camp.

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