Dalai Lama Attended Mahakala Puja Of Tibetan Buddhism In Dharamshala

Dharamshala (NewsReach) : Tibetan Spiritual Leader Dalai Lama attended Mahakala Puja and  Gelong Ordination (fully ordained monks vows) held at the main temple and his residence respectively.

The Gelong ordination in the context of Tibetan Buddhism is essentially taking vows not yet taken and the practice supplementing the regeneration of vows to avoid them from degeneration. The monks who are ordained undergo rigorous study and practice Vinaya. They also participate in the bi-monthly confession and restoration ceremony, etc.

Addressing the gathering of ordained monks, Dalai lama remarked, “You must feel fortunate for this momentous opportunity to render your service to the Dharma by becoming an ordained Gelong. Before his great renunciation, Buddha being a renowned prince was living a luxurious life but he renounced the world of luxury to live an ascetic life in the service of all sentient beings”.

Around 630 Tibetan and non-Tibetan monks from Drepung, Gaden, Sera and other monasteries across India and some from USA, Belgium Spain, Germany, Ireland, France, Australia, Vietnam, Nepal, Russia, and Mongolia will receive ordination from Dalai Lama this week and the next.

Before bestowing the ordination, Dalai Lama visited the main temple to attend the Mahakala puja, a ritual which involves eliminating the obstacles through recitations and the creation of a sand mandala etc.

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