Cyclone Asani Effect.. Flights Cancelled.. Danger Bells To The Coastal Areas

Hyderabad (NewsReach) : Andhra Pradesh is facing the threat of cyclone effect (Cyclone Effect) during the hot summer months.  Asani storm is raging with wind speed. The entire coast was in turmoil due to the impact of this typhoon. The waves are blowing heavily in the coastal area. Winds of up to 50 kmph are expected along the coast, especially in the Konaseema districts of Kakinada.

The Department of Meteorology warned that it was moving northwest and closer to the northern coast. It will then change direction and head north-northeast along the Odisha coast. It is in this order that the intensity decreases and the storm weakens. A further weakening and severe cyclone is expected to make landfall in the Bay of Bengal.

The cyclone was moving at a speed of about 16 km per hour and was concentrated at a distance of 350 km from Visakha last night. The intensity of the winds is likely to double if it gets closer to the coast. However it is expected that the impact may not be so great if it travels far from the coast.

  • The name of the new cyclone that is forming on the Bay of Bengal has been named ‘Asani’.
  • The cyclone seems to be carrying thunderstorms for the eastern coast of India which includes West Bengal, Odisha, etc.
  • Meteorologists have predicted that the cyclone will move towards the north.
  • The name of the cyclone has been given by Sri Lanka and “Asani” translates to “Wrath” in the Sinhala language.
  • The names and lists of cyclones are maintained by the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) international council. They also update this list of names. In the original list, only female names were added. In 1979, male names were added to be used for the naming of cyclones. The naming lists are used alternatively. In a rotating fashion, six different lists are being utilized to name the cyclones.

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